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Subrogation in Barrie
You have made your insured whole. What about recovery from the responsible parties? We can help by providing honest advice on the viability of your claim and can pursue the appropriate parties when warranted.

Subrogation is a major practice area at our firm. We take a team approach and involve the insured in the early stages, which helps to ensure their ongoing co-operation. If time is of the essence due to a pending proscription, we know how to effectively mobilize to preserve your rights.

Our Subrogation Team

Roger Chown - Barrie Lawyer
Roger Chown
About Roger
Ted Chadderton - Barrie Lawyer
Edward J. Chadderton
About Ted
Jeff Beleskey, Barrie Lawyer
Jeff Beleskey
About Jeff
David Thompson, Barrie Lawyer
David Thompson
About David
Corey Wall, Barrie Lawyer
Corey Wall
About Corey
Marie Hynes, Barrie Lawyer
Marie Hynes
About Marie
Mark Vernon, Barrie Law Student
Mark Vernon
About Mark
Patricia E. Graham, Barrie Lawyer
Patricia E. Graham
About Patricia

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