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Motor Vehicle Liability

Motor Vehicle Liability
Ontario has what is likely the most complex motor vehicle accident compensation system in the world, and it continues to evolve. Motor vehicle litigation has been a significant practice area at this firm for over 40 years. We have developed an in-depth understanding of the legislative scheme which governs motor vehicle cases, and we keep abreast of changes as they develop.

Despite the complexity of our system, cases often turn on the facts, and in particular on the extent of the disability of the plaintiff. We excel at analyzing and assessing the plaintiff’s disability. We’ll help you to analyze your risk, to advance the file to resolution, and to get your file closed. We have a reputation for being prepared and detailed in our analysis, while at the same time maintaining efficiency.

If your case can’t be settled and a trial is necessary, you can have confidence that we’ll be prepared and efficient in the court room as well. Your case will benefit from the credibility we have developed with both judges and opposing counsel.

Our Motor Vehicle Litigation Team

Roger Chown - Barrie Lawyer
Roger Chown
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Ted Chadderton - Barrie Lawyer
Edward J. Chadderton
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Jeff Beleskey, Barrie Lawyer
Jeff Beleskey
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Mark Vernon, Barrie Law Student
Mark Vernon
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David Thompson, Barrie Lawyer
David Thompson
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Corey Wall, Barrie Lawyer
Corey Wall
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Marie Hynes, Barrie Lawyer
Marie Hynes
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