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Contracts and Shareholder Disputes

Contracts and Shareholder Disputes in Barrie

Few businesses want to be involved in litigation.  The stakes involved in a lawsuit can range from “unproductive distraction” to “company-threatening.”  We have lawyers with a diverse range of experience to match the needs of your business.  Whether it is a shareholder or partnership dispute, a contractual dispute, or a collection matter, you can have confidence in our team.  We have a reputation for being prepared.  You will have instant credibility with us as your litigation counsel.
When your business must commence a lawsuit to protect its rights, or when you are sued, our goal is to help you achieve the best possible result as quickly as possible, so you can remain productive, or return to productivity as quickly as possible.  Occasionally businesses want to set a precedent.  Sometimes the “principle” of the matter is important, and it is necessary to take a principled approach to a dispute.  Sometimes it’s best to just hold your nose and be practical and get a case settled.  We will help you assess the approaches and strategies that will best suit your business’s needs and goals for the dispute in question.

Our Contracts and Shareholder Disputes Litigation Team

Roger Chown - Barrie Lawyer
Roger Chown
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David Thompson, Barrie Lawyer
David Thompson
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Corey Wall, Barrie Lawyer
Corey Wall
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Jeff Beleskey, Barrie Lawyer
Jeff Beleskey
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Mark Vernon, Barrie Law Student
Mark Vernon
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