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Our Philosophy

No one wants to be involved in litigation − but lawsuits are one way our civil society resolves disputes among its citizens, businesses and organizations. In its essence, our role is to help people. We help people resolve their disputes.

We are advocates for our clients and pursue our clients’ objectives resolutely and honourably. We fearlessly pursue every issue, advance every argument, and ask every question, however distasteful, which we think will help our client’s case, and we endeavour to obtain for our client the benefit of every remedy and defence authorized by law. This duty we discharge by honourable means, with candour, fairness, courtesy and respect, and in a way that promotes a fair hearing where justice can be done. We act with courtesy and civility, and in good faith to all persons we have dealings with during the course of litigation.

The law and the litigation process are highly complex. We strive to:

  • Help our clients understand the law and their legal position, rights and obligations, as well as the legal process;
  • Help our clients get the best possible result in the resolution of their dispute; and
  • Help our clients get their disputes resolved economically, for an amount of effort and expense proportionate to what is at stake for them.

We consider it our job to find the proper balance and mixture of thoroughness and preparedness, economy and efficiency for each case. These are not easy goals, and each client and case is unique; each with its own expectations and challenges.

We believe strongly in continuous education and we participate in continuing education programs extensively, as both students and teachers.

We believe strongly that technology can improve the results we achieve for our clients and the efficiency with which we achieve those results. As such we have invested heavily in productivity, file management, document management and presentation software.

Finally, we think a workplace should be somewhere you’re happy to spend your day. Our work is serious and demanding, but there need not be a shortage of humour and joy in it.

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